Available Puppies For Sale


1st Litter Mr. Gibbs x Koda  Born 06.15.19- 4 puppies available

2nd Litter Pete x Louise Born 07.20.19 – TOY AUSSIES- 4 puppies available

3rd Litter Outlaw x Chilly Born 07.30.19- 6 puppies available

4th Litter- Diesel x Annie  Born 09.04.19- 7 puppies available

5th Litter- Diesel x Candy  Born 09.12.19 -6 puppies available

6th Litter Outlaw x Ginger Born 10.01.19 – MINI AUSSIES 6 puppies available


Please email for the special pricing.

1st Litter

Mr. Gibbs x Koda

Born 06.15.19

Looking for a fur-baby to eat turkey dinner with???

Looking to skip those baby puppy stages???

Well this older litter just may have the perfect

puppy for you!

This litter is REDUCED  and have GREAT prices!

Please email for details!!!

Kathy-Red merle girl


Gus- Red merle boy

This guy here is a hunk! Check out his light blue eyes, will grab your attention quick!



Garth- black tri boy


Grayson- black tri boy

This guy’s markings are gorgeous…. Check out that COPPER!

2nd Litter

Pete x Louise


DOB 07.20.19



These babies are ready for their new home NOW!

Just in time to bring them home for their VERY FIRST Thanksgiving dinner!

Larry- red merle boy

Larry is going to be a larger Toy/Mini Sized

This is a lover boy right here and he will totally melt your heart with his gorgeous blue eyes!

If you are looking for a calm, smart guy, Larry is your boy!!!


OK, can’t you just see the CUTENESS??? This boy is a total ham!  He is always so happy and never has a bad day! Looking for some happiness in your life? Here’s your boy!


Lola- Red merle girl

Check out the circles around this girl’s eyes- Isn’t that sooooo unique??

She is a total sweetie!

Lilly- red merle girl

This girl will grab your attention quick with those TWO BLUE EYES.

The blue eyes along with the beautiful merle markings, she is a beauty!


Lanny- black tri girl

This little girl is a HOT MESS!!!

She is a little spitfire with a big personality- she keeps us well entertained….. If you are looking for CHARACTER, this is the girl for you!


3rd Litter

Outlaw x Chilly




*** This litter of babies will be

smaller sized standards full grown****


These babies are ready NOW for their new


Come out today and pick one out to take

home for their very FIRST THANKSGIVING!

Cher- red merle girl-discounted price!


Carson- Red merle female-discounted price

this girl has TWO blue eyes!!!

Callie- Red & copper female-discounted price


Claire- Red tri female-discounted price


Colby- Black tri boy-discounted price


Carter- Dark red tri boy (chocolate)-discounted price

Check out Carter’s little BABY BEARD! LOL

4th Litter

Diesel x Annie

DOB 09.04.19

Make one of these cuties the newest member of the Family!

Ready now for new homes, just in time to spend Thanksgiving with you

Anna-red merle girl

Abbie – Red merle girl

Angie- Red tri girl

Arnold- Red merle boy

Andrew- Red merle boy

Adam- Red tri boy

Allan- Red tri boy


5th Litter

Diesel x Candy

Born 09.12.19



These sweet babies are ready for their new



Donna – blue merle girl

Dee – black tri girl

Dean- red merle boy

Danny- blue merle boy

Dakota- red tri boy

Doc- black tri boy

6th Litter

Outlaw x Ginger

Born 10.01.19


Gena- red tri girl

Oscar- blue merle boy

Otto- red tri boy

George- red tri boy

Gene- red tri boy

Ozzie – red merle boy