Pup Updates from our Families

*** we just added this page in January 2024— so it’s a work in progress ***

We wanted to share some of our past babies from S&F… These babies are living their absolute best lives in their new homes

We absolutely adore seeing how SPOILED they all are

Seeing how much they are loved, tells us we are doing something right

And can we add that they are all SO BEAUTIFUL- we are super proud to have produced these babies, right here at

“S & F Australian Shepherds”

Huge THANK YOU to every single one of our families!!!


Sweet Little Auggie

Auggie’s family was so happy to bring this baby Home!!!!!

“MARGO”- wow this girl is stunning!!!!

Bella (left) and is Reba’s full sister!

These babies are SUPER GORGEOUS!!!!!

“LEO”- love his bandana!!!!!


OLLIE…. Her mama says she is the BEST companion anyone could wish for! Sweet & Smart


This boy is a KNOCKOUT!!!!!

Daae’ (merle) and Phantom (tri)

Bear is DAD to both of them!

Now those are some great looking Aussies!!!!

Hade- looks just like his daddy BEAR

Hade is a speed and agility pup! Brother of Phantom / half-brother to Daee’

***S&F is SO proud of this!!!!***


Sonny & Rue (formerly Jim & Gwen)

Their pawrents say they are the BEST DOGS! Sonny loves a good outfit but Rue does NOT like clothes LOL

SONNY LOVES dressing up!!!

See him BUZZING around LOL

Handsome ROSS

His dad says he is the sweetest dog & LOVES his human kiddos

REBA- from babies on Oct 2020

Such a gorgeous girl!

Josie – red merle

Dakota- blue merle

These babies are owned by the Volpe family and their in-laws!

Such a blessing to have families sharing S&F babies!!!


His momma says “He’s the BEST BOY EVER!”

Such a beautiful picture


This pic is the funniest!!!!

Happy boy BRUCE!!!!

His momma says “he’s always smiling and his lil butt wiggling!”

Bailey (2020) & Kody (2018)

We LOVE when our families come back to us to add

another S&F baby!!!!!


Looks like Reese & Hades had a GOOD DAY!!!!

Hard work pays off- BIGGGGG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!